TRUMP TWEET: Challenges CNN in tweet about ISIS

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On Sunday, President Donald Trump tweeted about ISIS. He wrote, “The U.S. will soon control 100% of ISIS territory in Syria. @CNN (do you believe this?).”

On Wednesday, in a story titled, “Trump touts gains against ISIS, glosses over Syria withdrawal,” CNN wrote:

In remarks to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS ministerial at the State Department Wednesday, the US President touted the territorial gains made against the terror group.

“The United States military, our coalition partners and the Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have 100% of the caliphate,” he said before cautioning that he wants “to wait for the official word.”

There is now a proposed plan for the President to possibly make an announcement next week from the White House that the coalition has regained 100% of the territory ISIS once controlled inside Syria, several defense officials say. The timing of the announcement depends on when and if the military tells the White House that the last bit of the very southern tip of Middle Euphrates River Valley is no longer in ISIS’ hands.

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