RESULTS: Obama’s worst scandal and if the Senate should hold impeachment trial

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BY TEAM DML / JANUARY 13, 2020 /

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Last Friday, former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate John Kerry said former President Barack Obama’s administration was scandal-free. His comments sparked a flurry of responses as people recalled several valid scandals under Obama.

We asked you in a poll to choose what the worst scandal was. The top three answers were Benghazi (52%) the Iran payment (23%) and the Clinton email scandal (8%).

The other options (in order of popularity) were Veterans Affairs scandal/vets dying, Something else, Operation Fast and Furious, IRS abuses, Lack of transparency, Drone strikes, Intelligence chief got away with perjury, and Hacking at the Office of Personnel Management.

Eleanor Esposito suggested another option: “The disrespect he showed our police and first responders!!! He is the reason our police officers are being shot and having water thrown on them.”

Justin Evans said, “Left out the biggest scandal of them all. Spying on American citizens. Particularly political rivals.”


Emily Cardoso suggested something entirely different. Cardoso wrote, ” I think the greatest scandal of that administration is still unfolding. To think he was involved in the attempt to rig an election, an attempted coup against a President-Elect and continued with the coup attempt against a duly elected president speaks volumes about his lack of character. And I believe there is so much more we are not being told about this POS and all of his cronies. Reminds me of the saying, ‘tell me who you’re with and I will tell you who you are’.”

In another poll, we asked: “Should the Senate completely dismiss the articles of impeachment against the president?  Or should they go ahead and hold a trial, knowing if they dismiss it, Democrats will forever accuse them of a ‘cover-up’?”

Overwhelmingly, 65% voted, “McConnell should dismiss the whole thing since Pelosi held it up so long.”

In comments, Mae Dell Gauthier Granica said, “No, anyone says otherwise didn’t watch the house hearings. BECAUSE IT WILL BE THE SAME OH…🤪 waste of money!!”

Mary Smith said, “Yes because if they don’t the media and Democrats will have a field day. They need to stop the Democrats because they will continue to try and impeach our President. The Senate needs to show what liars the Democrats have been.”

Pat Feik said,  “No. It has been a sham from the start. Dems don’t have any evidence of High Crimes & Misdemeanors. Everything they brought forward was all hearsay and people’s own thoughts. NO EVIDENCE.”

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