REPORT: Maxine Waters unleashes on Pres. Trump in raging Twitterstorm

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BY TEAM DML / MARCH 31, 2020 /

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) tore into President Trump on Monday over his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, calling him an “incompetent idiot” in a series of fiery tweets and telling him to “stop congratulating” himself.

“Trump, since you destroyed the WH unit designed to plan for pandemics like #COVID19, you need to stop being duplicitous about the DPA & get more corps to develop masks, respirators, & everything needed to protect hospital workers trying to save lives,” she said in the first of series of tweets attacking the president on Monday afternoon. “Get your act together!”

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Waters was referring to the president’s decision to shutter a National Security Council pandemic directorate in 2018. Trump has received renewed criticism for the move as the country grapples with the COVID-19 outbreak, although functions of the unit that dealt with the tracking of possible threats from infectious diseases were picked up by another group in the security agency afterward.

Water unleashed a string of explosive Twitter posts slamming the president Monday evening.

She added in another fiery post, “Trump, weren’t you taught at an early age that self congratulations are improper? When you’re doing a good job, you will be commended. When you have to congratulate yourself it’s b/c of incompetence & insecurity. No one values hubris. A lesson you should’ve learned long ago.”

“Trump, stop congratulating yourself! You’re a failure & you’ve mishandled this #COVID19 disaster! You’re not knowledgeable & you don’t know more than experts & generals. Your ignorance & incompetence are appalling & you continue to demonstrate that every time you open your mouth!” the Democrat congresswoman declared.

She added, “Trump, Gov Whitmer, the governor you called “that woman”, is what you think of ALL women, period! We women are all “that woman”! We are mothers & working professionals; we’re doctors & lawyers; & we’re elected officials, even governors, & you will show us the respect we deserve!”

“Trump, so now you’re expanding the social distancing order? Another correction b/c of your ignorant hunches. You said we’d be safe by Easter! Experts always have to clean up after your “hunches.” Keep your hunches 2 yourself & don’t waste experts’ time correcting your stupidity!” she raged.

In another scathing tweet, Waters claim, “Trump, you incompetent idiot! You sent 18 tons of PPE to China early but ignored warnings & called COVID19 concerns a hoax. You’ve endangered doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, & janitors – all risking their lives to save ours. Pray 4 forgiveness for the harm that you’re causing!”

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  1. wanda March 31st, 2020 at 10:16 am

    She’s as dumb as a box of rocks. She’s enriched herself and let her constituants linger in poverty.


    • gary March 31st, 2020 at 8:56 pm

      Totally agree with you Wanda, the only ones dumber than her are the people who vote for her over and over and over!!


  2. Deanie March 31st, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    Hilarious, coming from that old nag. I live just outside of her district. Last election I kept asking people to please tell me what she’s done all this time she’s been in office. Not a thing! She did refuse to let Patriots in to her town hall engagements & had them thrown out. I thought she was supposed to represent ALL the constituents…I hope that others will take the time to voice your intolerance of this kind of rhetoric. She should be censured by the House!


  3. Douglas Schmitt April 1st, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Wanda, you are making the box of rocks look bad…..mad Max is nothing more than an an idiot and like most of the demonrats in politics only care about themselves, and thinks if they bash Trump on everything and anything it will make the look good..


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