POLL: Should Republicans subpoena the whistleblower?

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Amid all the controversy surrounding the ‘anonymous’ whistleblower whose allegations Democrats used as the foundation for their impeachment inquiry against President Trump, Republicans said on Thursday that they intend to subpoena the whistleblower in an effort to force him out of the shadows.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in a Twitter post, “The “Whistleblower’s” lawyer called for a “coup” almost as soon as President Trump took office. All the more reason why we need to hear from the individual who started this whole impeachment sham. The “Whistleblower” should testify under oath and in person.”

Attorney Mark S. Zaid, who represents the whistleblower, was outed on Wednesday as having posted a multitude of anti-Trump statements on Twitter in 2017, declaring he would “get rid of Trump,” and announcing shortly after Trump’s inauguration that “coup as started.”

Some conservative websites have posted reports alleging that the whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella, a career CIA analyst who has close ties with former vice president Joe Biden and worked on Ukraine policy under the Obama administration. Ciaramella also worked under Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser.

It has neither been confirmed nor denied as to whether Ciaramella is actually the whistleblower, but hosts on The View blasted Donald Trump Jr. in a fiery interview on Thursday for tweeting out a link to a Breitbart article identifying Ciaramella as the whistleblower.

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PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE NEED YOUR OPINION!  Should Republicans subpoena the whistleblower in an effort to force him to testify in the impeachment hearings?

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  1. Patti November 7th, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    He isn’t a true whistleblower even it was second hand information. Only way this will be even close to non bias is if Republicans can cross examine anyone and call anyone as a witness. Report on closed door witness testimony can be altered


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