POLL: How do you rate Trump’s answer about homelessness in America

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BY TEAM DML / JULY 2, 2019 /

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Written by DML
President Trump appeared on Fox News Monday evening in an interview with host Tucker Carlson.

During the wide ranging sit down conversation, Carlson asked the president about homelessness in America. Trump’s answer left some viewers and TeamDML members very confused.

My inbox was flooded this morning with outrage and disappointment from Trump supporters.  Many stated the president appeared clueless, and he painted a picture that is different from reality.

One member wrote, “DML, the president looked like a deer in headlight.  We have to get him your film on homelessness immediately or the Democrats will make him pay for his comments.”

My new film, UNITED STATES of TENTS provides the real story about homelessness in America. It offers a look at what is really driving the problem into crisis mode, and it provides solutions that work.  I suggest you not only pick up a DVD for yourself, but send a copy to the White House.  You can get the film by clicking here (DennisMichaelLynch.com/homeless).

The video of Trump’s comments about homelessness is below.  In it you will hear the president stating that the homeless crisis in the US started about two years ago.  One reader pointed out to me that if true, it would mean Trump’s administration is to blame.  More importantly, it is completely inaccurate and I hope the president doesn’t double down on the statement in days to come.  I truly wish someone in the administration would actually feed the president data on the issue.  Maybe you sending DVDs to him will help.

The president also mentioned a group of initiatives that sorta, kinda, maybe, probably will take place.  He didn’t mention any one idea or initiative, and it sounded like he was presenting a sentence without a main topic.  I personally couldn’t understand what he was saying to be honest. Frankly, I don’t think he understood what he was saying.  Tucker clearly caught him off guard, and all the more reason why the president needs to be informed better as the election season heats up.

I looked around Twitter this morning and didn’t see any Republicans coming to Trump’s defense after the media crucified him for the comments given to Carlson.  One comment that is getting hammered is the president’s claim that he cleaned up DC’s homeless problem after moving into the White House. It is important to state that the homeless population in DC once hung outside a homeless shelter located on the road to the White House.  The shelter was moved and so the homeless are not there today, but they didn’t move into housing. They simply changed corners where they pitch a tent and get free food.

Here is your chance to voice your opinion.  How do you rate Trump’s answer about homelessness in America? 

Here is the video:

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  1. Patty bajek July 2nd, 2019 at 7:39 am

    I found myself shaking my head over his comments! Horrible answers and true ignorance and NO compassion for the homeless!


  2. Richard July 2nd, 2019 at 8:09 am

    Not his best answers and they will come back and bite him in the butt. The comment about the problem being greater in liberal cities is fairly accurate but the problem, although gotten much worse in the past few years has been a growing concern for many more.
    And yes, there are solutions that can reduce the problem but those are beyond the liberal mind.


  3. Yvonne Suekinos July 2nd, 2019 at 9:01 am

    As you said he was like a deer in headlights. I will send him my extra DVD of United States of Tents! He really needs to see this!


  4. John July 2nd, 2019 at 9:06 am

    I did not hear anything wrong with his answer ; if you just cleanse your mind of the rotten things the Democrat Propaganda machine is spreading you may have heard him say that “we are looking at it”. What that means is he is planning on figuring it out so it can be fixed properly. That’s the way a pragmatic businessman thinks and not the way a politician thinks. Politicians will tell you the problem and fixes that he/she plans to perform but never really fixes it with the proper follow through necessary to really get the job done.


  5. Capit July 2nd, 2019 at 9:29 am

    I believe he wasn’t very prepared to laser focus on our homeless problem while in another country as he probably thought because he was in China with Tucker the questions would be more on the lines of China and Korea tentions. However, I think he should address the public crises of homelessness and dopers on our streets and reign in Congress to solve the crisis quicker. Start by getting rid of people in Government who continue to be criminal socialist and go against our laws. California, Oregon, and NY would be great places to start. Personally, I think he should declare a national emergency to STOP ALL ENTRY into our country, close the borders and ship all those in custody back to their countries (not to the interior of our country which seems odd to me) until Congress gets off their Socialist agendas and work to control the problem here asap. Lets face it, Congress no longer works for the American people. Government is too big and growing and I hope I am dead and gone before communism completely engulfs America.


  6. Rootietoot July 2nd, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    At least he didn’t come out and say buy my DVD so we can fix this homeless problem. The DEM’s are pushing on him everything they can. If you can’t see what the Dems are doing each and everyday, just making problems and then they sit on their ass’s and want the TRUMP administration to fix it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸😎


  7. Orin Black July 2nd, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    First answer – started two years ago was ridiculous. He may have never seen it before he was elected.
    The remainder of the comments were fine and real.


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