FACT: The pain meds are gone for Ken, because of DML PURE


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  1. Suzi Wilson February 27th, 2020 at 9:41 am

    I have to say the gel tabs have helped in many ways, but the M. Me’s smell is so strong that the cats run out of the room and it triggers a difficult breathing attack for me…if you could come out with a non smelling M. Me we would buy it in a heart beat…it also stains fabric….We bought something like it from my husbands back doctor that doesn’t smell and has similar ingredients. I have purchased several bottles from you but can’t be near it…now please don’t take offense, I just thought you may want to know. So when you have specials including the M. Me….I don’t go in on them….unless it’s an extra bottle of gels….Right now I’m waiting on gels for my senior dog….Keep up the good work and thanks for the laughter….


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