DML Briefing: Nov 8

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Today is November 8, and here are the stories I am following.

ALERT NOTE: I will not be posting to Faceboook indefinitely until the social media company answers for the latest violations they placed on me for “coordinating harm.”  I have my lawyer involved and we will see how long this lasts.  With this in mind, I speak about the details today on at 10:30am.  The only thing we will post to Facebook in present climate is periodic briefings like this one, and Facebook LIVE videos for our 99 cent supporters.

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My official statement posted to Facebook.

1- State Department official flagged Hunter Biden’s ‘conflict of interest’ in Ukraine, testimony shows
A career official at the State Department told House investigators conducting the impeachment inquiry against President Trump that he raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest with Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine while his father Joe Biden oversaw Ukraine policy as vice president — but was told that it wasn’t appropriate to discuss the matter because of the health struggles of Biden’s eldest son, Beau.

DML: And the sun will rise in the east again tomorrow. In other words, par for the course.

2-Bloomberg appears ready to enter 2020 race – and Dem aide thinks it’s ‘just what the doctor ordered’
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears to be seriously considering entering the 2020 race for president. Bloomberg is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in Alabama’s March 3 Democratic presidential primary. He had announced earlier this year that he would not seek the party’s nomination. But in a statement obtained Thursday by Fox News, Bloomberg political adviser Howard Wolfson said the billionaire businessman was worried the current crop of Democrats seeking the White House was “not well-positioned” to defeat President  Trump.

DML: I told you this would happen.

3-CBS News sparks outrage for reportedly firing ex-ABC News staffer who leaked Epstein bombshell
CBS News is facing heavy backlash for reportedly firing the ex-ABC News staffer who leaked footage of ABC News anchor Amy Robach exposing how the network killed the Jeffrey Epstein story. Journalist Yashar Ali cited “two sources with knowledge of the situation” who claimed ABC News executives “believe they know the identity” of a former employee with access to the viral footage, in which Robach claims her network “quashed” her reporting on Epstein, and that they suspected the leaker was working at CBS News.

DML: All members of the media should have to take an oath, just like a doctor or police officer.

4-Donald Trump Jr. after appearance on ‘The View’ triggers hosts: ‘I don’t think they like me much anymore’
Donald Trump Jr. appeared on “Hannity” Thursday night to talk about his wild appearance earlier in the day on ABC’s “The View,” saying “I don’t think they like me much anymore.” Host Sean Hannity asked him why “he even bothered” to appear on the show.”You know, every once in a while you got to try. You gotta try to speak to everyone. Hopefully, they listen,” Trump said. “In that case, they didn’t.”

DML: Great interview with The View, but lets be honest… he was there to sell books.

5- DML to launch new body lotion with essential oils and CBD.

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