If you are interested in up to the minute news and politics then you’ll want the DML NEWS APP.

The DML NEWS APP aggregates trending articles, tweets and videos in an attempt to provide a collection of headlines and key points that keep our users in tune with what’s happening in the U.S. and around the world.

We do not add bias or opinions, but we do rate content based on the following:

Provides named sources. DML News App applies a star if sources are clearly named or seen in a related video or tweet.

Reported by more than one notable outlet. DML News App applies a star if more than one notable news outlet is reporting the same or a very similar story.

Does not insert opinion or leading words. DML News App applies a star if there is no bias indicated. Includes a review of original title.

Includes supporting video, direct statements, or photos. DML News App applies a star if there is content that clearly supports the report / article.

Each headline on the DML NEWS APP includes a prefix:

CLAIM: Indicates a news outlet makes an accusation or report based on unnamed sources or hearsay.

REPORT: Indicates a news outlet provides adequate information that presents itself as legitimate.

VIDEO: Indicates the post will include a video.

UPDATE: Means there is more information to a story already published.

EXCLUSIVE: Means DML NEWS APP is reporting directly and has had contact with the source(s) or subject(s) mentioned.

TRUMP: Indicates commentary from the president, typically in a tweet.

The mix of outlets we aggregate from are mostly household names, such as Fox News, CNN, AP, Reuters, USA TODAY, Breitbart, Axios, CBS NEWS, ABC NEWS, NBC NEWS, Daily Mail, and many more.   In other words, we offer news from liberal and conservative websites alike.

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